People consider dreams to be mysterious and unreal. Some top scientists have stated dreams serve no real purpose and in other words untrue. In some cases people consider dreams to be an illusion. My first question is: what do you say about dreams?

As normal beings,we should all dream at every moment in our lives either true or untrue,nevertheless some instances of dreams are memories and images stored up in the sub0conscious mind. Dreams are not self-imposed or created, most of all they usually occur during a nap or sleep. In most cases, some dream has turned out to be very funny and hilarious. A story is told of someone waking up after a dream thinking he was “related The Queen Of England think he will be the next King of England”. 

Dreams also turn out to be scary in some instance: bitten or killed by someone or something. This tends to scare people after a dream as such. In some cases, people have dreamt and shed tears, waking with tears on their face.

Remember the story of Martin Luther King, “I have a Dream”. Good Dreams can come true and you have the power to interrupt bad dreams. Words are powerful.

According to the Bible “what you declare with your lips and tongue” can come true as Death and Life in the tongue. Maybe your dreams have brought hope, but may differ from the facts of your current situation, but believe. Only Believe.

Jojo Immanuel-Lawson (2016)